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Emotions, signs, colors

I'm a 42-year-old Italian MD neurologist and PhD in neurosciencies madly in love with art during some years.
My training dates back to my childhood when I used to have fun with pencils and colors with my dad, also a medical doctor (psychiatrist  and psychotherapist) with a passion and an innate gift for drawing.
Around the age of 10 everything waned and remained dormant until a few years ago when forty years old, who in turn I became a father, I picked up the pencils again with my little Iris.
And there a new spark ignited the dust...
I started using pen, pencil, charcoal or ink on paper - which in the figurative works let my energetic, vigorous, sometimes "nervous" distinctive SIGN transpire.
Subsequently, in parallel, I felt and expressed a great enthusiasm for COLORS, making them explode in expressionistic and abstract tendencies, using in these cases acrylic, tempera or oil on canvas or wood.
In a more evolved phase I found it natural to combine these two different visions by creating a peculiar type of figurative-abstract works. The abstract background is characterized by a palette of bright and intense colors on which I apply architecture and glimpses of large cities with vibrant brushstrokes.
What I want to communicate with my art are the different EMOTIONS that pass through me, strong, intense emotions that are freely expressed in the abstract work and that influence the signs in the figurative ones.


You can read more about my art and me in this interview (by Luca Curci, during Canvas International Art Fair 2023, held in Venice on March 15th 2023):


My production is very fervent and I assiduously share photos of my works in the various stages of development and videos of large parts of the creative processes. Follow me on my social networks!

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